How to write a letter to minister in india

The country knows that your government has inherited a difficult situation in this regard, but given who you are, people believe if anyone can fix it, it is YOU.

Conducting this eviction in the middle of the monsoon season when people would be at their most vulnerable is particularly inexcusable. How difficult is it for India, to block the telephone lines of Separatists, and cell phones and Internet and any Publication through any channel of communication??.

Later she was shifted in a critical condition to another hospital at a distance rather than other hospitals like AIIMS on the way. Where did India lack, why then in after twenty five years of the beginning of terrorism, is Kashmir in turmoil. Prime Minister, I am not contradicting my statements, I intent to pose a serious allegation on India for allowing, the great Land of Sufis and Saints, to become a land of blood and bullets.

While this might not be the only or even the ideal solution, I believe it is the start of a more solution-focused discussion to our problems.

Top 7 Ways to Contact Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The work cannot be completed because of the delay in getting sanction from the Defence Department. Our understanding is that the women with support of non-governmental organizations NGOs working in Baina also made great strides in helping to fight trafficking of children in Goa.

Open Letter To The Prime Minister

The educational policy and its implementation has been rather tardy. Two and Three — are to put humble requests that can help India scale further heights in economy. This will enable every citizen of the country to contribute to the solution. It is important that the people of the village feel ownership of these structures, hence it would help if they are able to pool a minimum one-time payment that would allow to pay for the employment of the villagers who will build the toilets.

They are struggling for placements in the core branches of mechanical, chemical, electronics and to some extent electrical. And the time is NOW. Previous studies have shown that unless toilets are constantly maintained, they tend to fall into disrepair.

I was growing under the guidance of Literate, well to do, parents, they would always tell me the difference about being a patriot and being a Terrorist. We are who we are because of our education.

Dear Shri Pranabh Mukherjee, Greetings. With the little financial understanding I gained from having been in business, this is what I can think of, to help our country bloom and boom with entrepreneurs creating more job opportunities and making India stronger towards the future.

An open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I am also sure that it is not just me but there are quite a few entrepreneurs who are successful due to the environment and government policies favoring them. As a company, sponsoring poor children for their education is indirectly helping the government save some cost a very minute fraction though.

Our concern includes the manner in which many Indian NGOs and international partners have been targeted for different reasons. Where is it going. Obviously, several things in India need to change; and if there is one person who has the courage, dedication and vision to put our country on the path to greatness, my hope is that that person is you.

If you cut the head from your body, you die, if you let it wounded, you die, why not cure it. An atmosphere of hostility against civil society actors in a democracy, and the uncertainty and insecurity created among communities across the country, can only be to the detriment of our society and the Government.

And even if you observe closely the pattern of companies in older IITs, the number of core companies was too less.

Sama: Resource Group for Women and Health

And those who will continue doing this, will for sure not stay in this country as in other parts of world they respect non-IT people a lot and that is what I personally have been suggested by a number of people.

It is the problem of not having enough toilets for women to do their daily business with dignity; the problem of dealing with policemen who treat issues of sexual harassment with callousness; the problem that society does not view non-rape sexual offense, like eve-teasing, with the seriousness that it should; the problem of moral police who consider dressing up as provocative; the problem that our boys are being taught that women are not equal; the problem of a sexually repressed society; the list of problems does seem endless.

An open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. if you have the knack for writing. India is ready to transform from an agrarian to a knowledge society. Education would be a key driver in. Feb 06,  · To,Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad,Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare,Government of India,New Delhi Dear Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad,Sama-Resource Group for Women and Health and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan has been raising issues and concerns related to assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and surrogacy for the past many years.

This is to bring to your notice a case of.

Letter to the Chief Minister of the State of Goa, India

#4 Write letter to Prime Minister Narenra Modi With regard to how to send a letter to the prime minister of India you can do so by writing to PMO office address as mentioned below: Official Address of. An entrepreneur shares his wishlist and concerns in this open letter to the Indian Finance Minister about the budget.

Dear Shri Pranabh Mukherjee,Greetings! The RTI applicants seeking status of their grievance submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office may kindly note the above before preferring RTI application in this regard.

OUR Government The President of India. Mar 03,  · If you want to write a letter to the finance minister of india his address is also mentioned, if you have any specific query related to any specific department then I would suggest you to write to the related department.

How to write a letter to minister in india
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Open Letter To The Prime Minister