How to write a great meta description

Embrace your brand identity. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average. Great meta descriptions involve a touch of the persuasive.

On 14th May Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed that search snippets are now shorter than they have been over the past 6 months, but longer than they were prior to the change at the end of Taco Bell Why it works: The Moz study, which examined 70, original meta description examples, also discovered that: Do Not Use Quotation Marks.

Instead of being punchy, be precise. What a waste of a search result this is: If I knew nothing about MTV, I can instantly know everything about this website from this description alone.

I feel that I could go onto their website or visit a dealer and have a good look around without being hounded.

18 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have in 2013

Once written, meta descriptions are scarcely given a second glance or further consideration. In an upcoming post on the Poetry of SEODevin Asaro will talk about how to approach this copy so that it is engaging and elegant and mimics ad copy.

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Instead, focus on these tips: However, your meta description is the equivalent of writing ad copy for your Adwords ads. Well, do you love travel. Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Technically speaking, meta descriptions have nothing to do with SEO. If you write more, the copy will just trail off: Meta descriptions live and work behind the scenes of a web page, so they need to be entered into your content management system [CMS] for every page on your website. What is a Meta Description.

Use punctuation, capitalize pronouns, write in complete sentences and so on. They to be characters or the copy will truncate: In addition, they found that in But the algorithm is way more advanced than that. How to write a good meta description I would recommend that you begin by evaluating the pages that generate the best return on investment from organic traffic and begin to optimise the content of the meta description ensuring that they are compelling and make sense in the first — characters.

As I mentioned earlier, a meta description needs to be characters long. You should specify this especially if you have duplicate content issues to make sure the value of the edge in Facebook is consolidated into one URL. Leave them in the comments.

What is a meta description? Meta-descriptions play a big role in search results. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a meta description is the snippet of information below the link of a search result. How to Write Great Meta Descriptions. I see writing meta descriptions as a legitimate exercise in effective sales copywriting.

It should. Meta Description – If your webpage were a commercial, this would be its slogan. In our upcoming search behavior study in cooperation with SurveyMonkey we’ve found that % of people click on a given result due to the meta description. Write great blog titles and you'll get great results The second most common SEO (or back-end) mistake businesses make with their content (other than bad content itself) is the issue of writing poorly formed meta descriptions.

Summarize changes in around 50 characters or less More detailed explanatory text, if necessary. Wrap it to about 72 characters or so. In some contexts, the first line is treated as the subject of the commit and the rest of the text as the body.

Great meta descriptions involve a touch of the persuasive. To get clicks, go ahead and tug a little bit. Some SEOs advocate using a call-to-action in the description. Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise) Write a description of smells you associate with roads.

Poetry Prompt. Write a poem that includes three place names.

How to write a great meta description
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